Healing for Birth Workshop

13th & 14th May at Warrior & Wild and Hawkwood College

Join others who are pregnant after loss to reconnect to your instincts & ability to birth

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About me

Welcome, I'm Hayley. I chose Mother of Pearl Doula because it is my lineage. My Grandmother was named Pearl, I am named Pearl and I have passed this name down to my daughter. I have been Mothered by Pearls and now I am Mothering a Pearl.

I offer a supportive and person-centred approach to enable you to have a protective space around the childbearing year antenatally, during labour and birth and the postnatal period. This time is sacred for the whole family, woman or birthing person, partner or family, and the baby. How do I do this? I give you space to process any previous pregnancies or births, I discuss and explore how you would like your birth to be, support you leading up to your birth as well as being with you while you labour and birth. I will protect your time after birth with your baby and support you to feel nurtured in your postnatal period.

I work from a trauma informed perspective as I have been supporting families through perinatal trauma in my role as a Therapeutic Counsellor. If this is your first birth I will hold space for you to be able to experience birth how you want to, in your way. 

I have recently trained with Alex Burner founder of The Original Birth Connection who is a local birth worker here in the Cotswolds. Alex draws her years of experience into her training package as well as from her trainer Michel Odent, a pioneer in his field of advocating for 'women centred' maternity services. 

I offer support throughout Gloucestershire, and some parts of Bristol, Oxford and Wiltshire.


Birth Services

If a Doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it

                                 Dr John Kennell

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Birth Support

  • 3 antenatal sessions where we;

Explore the physiology of birth​

Comfort measures that can support your labour and birth

Your birth choices by creating a birth plan

Discuss any fears or concerns and honour your hopes

  • Support via email outside of the on-call period between the hours of 9am-5pm.

  • On- call period of 10 days before your due date.

  • Support via phone and email 24/ 7 during the on- call period.

  • Support for the duration of your labour, to support your Golden Hour with your baby and until you are settled with your baby.

  • 1 postnatal sessions to de- brief your birth, meet your baby again, discuss anything you feel you need support with like feeding and support your recovery from birth.

Cost £1500.00 

Other services

I have been working as a Therapeutic Counsellor in Perinatal Trauma for the last 6 years where I hold space for families to express and share their experiences of loss, grief and trauma


Birth Reflections

I offer a one off session to reflect on your birth or loss. This may have been last month or 20 years ago, there is no time limit on when you feel ready to reach out. During this session we can explore how you feel about your experience now and what you would like to do with this.

Birth reflections are £50 per hour. To book onto a session please use my enquiry form.

If you are looking for more in-depth therapeutic support then I also offer counselling services

Healing for Birth workshop

Join others who have experienced baby loss and are currently pregnant as we navigate the fear you hold around your current pregnancy and move into your ability to birth.

There will be reflective practice, exploration, antenatal education and your birth choices. We will end in nature where we will connect to your instincts and honour your baby that is no longer with you.

Book here 

13th May 12.30pm - 4pm @ Warrior&Wild Nailsworth

14th May 9.30am- 12pm @ Hawkwood College

£250.00 full fee

£160.00 subsides fee


If you would like to explore more in depth work around your experience please follow the link to my private practice.

Alternatively Footsteps Counselling and Care offer low cost Counselling to anyone experiencing a pregnancy related issue in the county of Gloucestershire Footsteps Counselling & Care l Support for pregnancy-related issues (footstepscandc.org.uk)


Perinatal Trauma Training

Learn about how the brain is affected by trauma

Primitive brain, limbic brain and neocortex

What it feels like and looks like to experience trauma

Emotional and physical responses to trauma

How to support our clients

Grounding techniques and signposting


Person Centred Approach

Authentic, non- judgemental, empathic, unconditional positive regard.

I offer a Person Centred approach for individuals and couples in Nailsworth and Gloucester and I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Many of us experience feelings of anxiety, depression and feeling sad and reaching out for support takes real strength. I offer a safe relationship to talk through the troubles of everyday life as well as major life events that have rocked your sense of self. 

I have experience of working in many areas and all of them resonate around trauma. This is with all of us from early life trauma to everyday trauma that we may not be as aware of. I have worked with eating disorders, self harm, OCD, domestic abuse and pregnancy related issues with both adults and young people.

I offer Counselling via Zoom, telephone and face to face and in nature sessions


Individual Session

I welcome you to explore your issues in a safe and non-judgemental space where great depth and meaning can be sought. Often we feel we don't fit in or that we're 'not coping' with our own situation. Allowing a trusting relationship with clear boundaries can begin to free you of these societal constraints.

Couples Counselling

Being part of a relationship takes commitment and work. Sometimes it can feel that you're not getting anywhere. Perhaps you're going over the same thing or maybe you've experienced loss and trauma together. I can walk alongside you both to support you to navigate what you feel you have lost.

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